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The powers that be at Barrow Hill have made an opportunity out of the need for the two visiting Gresley A4 Pacifics to move from NRM York to the Shildon satellite this month. They arranged for Dominion of Canada and Dwight D Eisenhower to make a southerly diversion for a few days, and invited Bittern to call in on its way north.

So the stage was set for a huge open weekend, but Russ Hillier secured an exclusive charter day two days before. The lads were putting up the barriers ready for the weekend but Russ had them removed so that the photters had unfettered access to the the three A4s and their resident cousin Blue Peter.

This made a fantastic morning with a watery sun softly lighting the engines, but then heavy cloud and later rain arrived so I beat an early retreat. Many thanks to Russ, and to Melvin and all the Barrow Hill gang, for an excellent event.

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