Welcome to the new home of Peter Hewitt's photographs of railways in Britain and the Cunard "Queen" liners.

My railway interests are centred chiefly on preserved steam engines (plus Tornado of course!). I go on several main line runs each year and do a writeup of each to accompany a dozen or so photos. I also do some linesiding and visits to preserved lines, chiefly the East Lancashire Railway which is near my home in Greater Manchester, UK.

I am also interested in the modern railway scene, and new trains and routes will often attract a visit and an illustrated report.

My other great transport interest is in the Cunard liners named after British queens, notably Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2. Cruises and port visits have often led to illustrated reports.

The previous home of these collections (around 300, with around 4000 photos) was on fotopic.net, which seems to have bitten the dust. My new stuff will therefore go up here. Most of my earlier work is backed up so I have begun the process of bringing past collections here, though this will inevitably take time.

Click on 'All my photos' to see the latest collections, and galleries of past collections.